What happens on a Sunday Morning?

There are two very different services on a Sunday morning. Our Communion Service runs from 10.15 until 11.15 and the Family Service is at 11.40 until 12.45. Refreshments are available in the Youth Hall between the services. If you are visiting for the first time you may prefer to come for coffee or tea at 11.20 and attend the second service on its own, as it is more accessible for anyone who is not familiar with the more traditional Communion Service. A crèche operates during both services.

The Communion Service is geared for those who have made a personal commitment to follow Jesus and is an opportunity for them to remember the sacrifice which Jesus made, as he requested his followers to do. The service opens with someone sharing a few thoughts from the Bible but after that the meeting is open for the congregation to give out a hymn or pray as they feel the Spirit of God inspiring them to participate, so as to encourage us in worship and appreciation of Christ. The meeting finishes with sharing Communion together.

Our Family Worship Service is a time of praise and worship for families and friends followed by a relevant and challenging message. The service starts with 30 minutes of singing led by the praise band after which an invited speaker brings the message. Children and young people leave after the praise time at approximately 12.10 to go out to Children’s Church and the Bible Classes.

Approximately once a month there is an amalgamated service which starts at the later time of 11.00. This service combines and condenses elements from both the regular services. It starts with singing led by the praise band, continues with a short period of open worship and communion and finishes with a 20 minute talk from one of the elders to encourage us in our Christian life.

We have special services at Christmas (a Nativity play), at Easter and at Harvest Thanksgiving time. We would love you to join us – why not come along – a warm and friendly welcome awaits you.

Who will I meet?

The people in church are ordinary folk from the community. They come to church to learn more about God, to enjoy the worship, the friendship of other people and to help and support each other.

What will happen when I come?

When you arrive, there will be someone to welcome you at the door, help you to find your way around, and get a seat in church. If you have children, our welcome team will help you access the creche and our kids’ programme.

When the meeting begins we will sing some songs together. Feel free to sit or to stand during this time, which we call ‘worship.’ Words are shown on a large screen at the front if you want to join in.
You will hear a message or ‘sermon’ when someone teaches from the Bible. Sometimes we also hear from God as He inspires members of our congregation to give us encouragement and direction for our lives.

You will hear people praying. Prayer is just talking to God. You can close your eyes if you would like to, but nobody will mind if you just sit and listen.

What will be expected of me?

Nothing will be expected of you except to relax and enjoy the meeting!

Do I have to give money?

No. The money we give to church is to pay our heating bills, maintain the building and to fund our programmes. You are not expected to give money as a visitor.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Many people wear jeans and T-shirts to our meetings, while others like to get dressed up in their best. Nobody will judge you on what you are wearing.

What if I have questions?

If you hear or see anything during our meetings that you would like to know more about, feel free to ask our Leadership Team. They will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you have.

Still got Questions?