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What does it mean to follow Jesus Christ?

The word most often used in the Bible for a ‘follower’ of Christ is ‘disciple’.  The term suggests personal allegiance to a teacher.  A true follower of Christ is someone who is committed to His leadership in their lives, learning from Him and actively seeking to reflect His character and fulfil His purposes in their own lives. By definition it involves an expectation that once a commitment to Christ has been made the life of the follower will change for they will no longer be in charge of themselves.  At its heart it has little to do with religion but everything to do with relationship.

Therefore a follower must be committed to developing their relationship with Christ – this involves learning, listening, talking, walking and most of all time.  If a follower wants to learn about Christ they must become familiar with the Bible for that’s where we learn most about Him. If they want to discover His purposes for their lives they must become regular in prayer for talking to God and listening to God (most often as He speaks through His Word) are critical components of a healthy relationship with Him.

Ultimately it will not be enough to simply believe the right things about Jesus Christ or even to know how a follower of Christ should live – it will only be real when this faith and knowledge is actually applied to individual lives and  everyday behaviour changes so that each follower becomes more like Jesus in all that they do and say.

None of this happens overnight – it all takes time without which the relationship is less likely to last or at least will be inevitably less rich than it might otherwise have been. If your commitment to follow Christ is genuine then both your time and your talents, your heart and your mind will become obedient to His purposes and your life in all its fullness will be blessed in ways you will hardly be able to imagine.