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One Way Rally

The One Way Rally (OWR) is Silverbirch’s children’s Bible Club for all children of  Primary School age (5-11).  It derives its name from the motto “One Way to Heaven – Jesus is the Way!” and this is the overriding theme of the club.  Throughout the season the children are taught ‘Memory Verses’ from the Bible, they have lively quizzes, video nights, games nights, lively singing with a short epilogue to top off  the evening.


The OWR is on Wednesday evenings (during term-time) starting at 6.45pm and finishing at 7.30pm.  The children are encouraged to collect their points throughout the year for “Prize Night” at the end of the season.  The objective of the OWR is to teach children of the Lord Jesus Christ and what He can do in their lives. If you have children at a loose end on a Wednesday evening, why not bring them along to the One Way Rally?  We know they’ll love it!