Silverbirch Evangelical Church

Glorify the Lord with us


About Us

We have been a church fellowship in Bangor since the latter years of the 19th century. We moved to Silverbirch in the autumn of 2002 but prior to that we occupied a building in the centre of the town in Holborn Avenue and were formally known as Holborn Hall. Throughout those years we were associated with the Brethren and we still operate on the basis of the biblical principles that underpinned that movement.

Some of the characteristics that distinguish us from some other church traditions include:

  • The independence of the local church – we are not accountable to a denominational hierarchical structure.
  • The priesthood of all believers – we do not recognise a distinction between clergy and laity but acknowledge differences in spiritual gifts.
  • Governance by a team of elders.
  • Dependence on the Word of God alone for all matters of faith and practice – this also means that we do not restrict ourselves to specific traditions or creeds (a statement of faith can be found later in this booklet).

We welcome to communion fellowship all who have a personal relationship with God in Christ through saving faith, regardless of denominational affiliation. This is also the basis of  formal membership of Silverbirch Evangelical Church.

We believe that the bible teaches that all who have been accepted by God in Christ Jesus are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Accordingly we are happy to share fellowship with those churches that proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and that seek to build His Church in accordance with the Scriptures. We recognise that there are many other church traditions that differ from us in particular practises and doctrinal emphasis on non-essentials. We believe however that there is more that binds us together in Christ and His service than might separate us in terms of such traditions and practises and therefore we are committed to working in partnership with those who love Him and seek to serve Him in the gospel.