Silverbirch Evangelical Church

Glorify the Lord with us

"Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together"
Psalm 34:3
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What's on at a glance


10:15 Breaking of Bread
11:40 Р12.45 Family Worship Service
12:15¬†Children’s Church & Bible Class
18:30 Sunday Evening Activity – Prayer Connection last Sunday of month) check the programme
20:00 Youth Fellowship (every other Sunday during Term Time)


10:00 Parents and Toddlers
(September to June)
7.00 Prayer Hour


20:00 Home Groups (Missionary Focus 1st Tuesday of month)
(September to June)


18:45 One Way Rally Bible Club
(primary school ages, October to March)
20:00 Ladies Meeting *
(September to June)


18:30 Every Girl’s Rally (September to March)
20:00 Bowling Fellowship (September to June)

* Ladies meeting on 2nd Wednesday of every month